Picture was taken at "The Ridge" this spring.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Bet You Thought I Fell Off The Face Of The Earth

Where Are We Today
"The Ridge", Priceville,Ont
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Well, no I didn't, and if you follow Chillin' With Patsy, you would know that I'm still around and kickin'. Being it has been awhile since I wrote anything, I thought that today I had better put something to "blog" and tell you about my day.
I have had a few projects that I have wanted to do for awhile and always something else got in the way, so today I got at some of them.
The first was to install the screen door grill that we had bought last winter at Camping World, when we were south. I tried to install it at that time and found that there was not enough material of the screen door showing to do it, at least, not to my liking so, I decided to wait until we got home. I purchased a aluminum strip from the local automotive store and cut four pieces 1 1/4 inch long X 3/4" X 3/32" and drilled two hole in each. One hole to fasten the piece to the grill and the other to fasten to the screen door.

Screen door grill atttached

Pieces of aluminum fastened to grill and door

The second was to put up a piece of eves trough along one side of the "Bunkie" to catch the rain water for our barrel. Now the piece was found by my brother and sister - in law, at the time they were guessing it was long enough, it is a little short, but will do the job. First I had to cut the hole for the down spout, fasten attachment ring, then fasten the trough to the eves. Next, cut the down spout to the right length and fasten it to the ring. There, that's another one done.

eves trough up ready for the next rain fall

The third was to take apart an old wash stand. When my in-laws bought this property, there was a stainless steel sink fastened to a metal frame with a hand pump attached to it. I never liked the look of the thing and always had it in my mind to take it apart and build something more appealing. Also the hand pump is broken  beyond repair and we have purchased another one to replace it. The sink was tack welded to the metal stand, so not having a grinder, I got out my cold chisel and hammer and went at breaking all those tacks around the sink. With that done, I will now create a new stand to hold the sink and new pump. That's a project for another day, will write about it when I do.

Approximately 30 tacks that had to be broken 

The stand and old pump
The fourth just kind of presented itself to me today. We had another contraption found here on the property, that was some kind of three wheel cart. We used it to move our paddle boat around at one time but when took the paddle boat over to Donna and Gerry's pond, the cart was no longer needed. We have two kayaks, so I thought this might be perfect for taking them down to our pond. After pumping up the tires, I lifted the kayaks onto the cart, fastened a couple of straps to hold them, tied a piece of rope to the front for puling and voila, there you have it. 

Side view

From the front
I'm wore out, time for a snooze, tomorrows another day, so will see what happens. Thanks for following along,  comments are always welcome. Until the next time, take care and be safe.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Where Are We Today
" The Ridge "
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Yes we are home and I Know you already know that because you read Pat's post daily.
We are settling in here and gradually setting up a little at a time. I have also decided to make trips back to London to work at CanAm RV a couple of days a week, it is something I enjoy doing.
The real purpose of this post is to share some information of the distance traveled this first winter away. The following info is taken from the dash computer in the truck. It covers the time from when we left here on Oct. 24th 2016 until we returned here on April 8th,2017.

Total Engine Hours 256 hours and 23 minutes.
5429.8 km./9587.6 mi.
3457.7 L /913.4 gal. of fuel
avg. 22.4 L/100 km./10.5 m/gal

One can analyse the numbers any way they want, the reality is, it doesn't really matter, it is what it is and we have enjoyed our time away this past winter. I have no complaints with the performance of the truck whether pulling the trailer or not and we look forward to next winters adventure in the American Southwest.  

Our truck and trailer
That's it for now, until the next time, take care and be safe.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Valve Replacement

Where Are We Today
Can Am RV
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Although we are back in Ontario, we are not quite home, home being our summer spot "The Ridge" near Durham Ontario. At present we are at CanAm RV, tucked in  at the back of the lot while I do a couple of orientations,  we get a couple of things fixed and do some visiting with family and friends.
Yesterday morning I went about replacing the fill valve on the trailer. It has been giving us trouble over the winter so I asked CanAm to order one before we arrived home so it be here when we arrived. There are actually two valves, one for the fill and supply to the trailer and one for the hot water bypass, both are connected and mounted on a panel.

New assembly with connections numbered

The first thing that I did, was to take the new valve panel and number the nine hose/line connections, second was to number each hose/line to match the number on the panel, I did this as I removed each hose/line one at a time from the old panel. Once all the hose/lines were disconnected, I could then remove the old panel/ valve assembly from the trailer.
Before starting to reassemble, I duplicated the numbers on the new panel to the old panel. This was done for cross  reference  between the two, as you cannot see the back of the panel when you install it and I did not want to cross connect a hose/line.

Two valves with the panel removed

There were four hose/lines that I could pull through the opening and make the connections on the back of the panel. I should mention that all of the connections are screw on, so that made that part easy. Next I fastened the panel assembly in place and proceeded to connect the remaining five hose/lines.

Nice to have a space to work on/from

Working from the front and back side

New panel assembly installed

All done and washing up

Turning on the pump to test for leaks and the correct operation of the valves, I found all to be good and working properly. The whole job took less than an hour to do and I'm a happy camper.
Today we are off to Stratford to visit my parents and then to Tavistock for supper and a visit with my oldest daughter and family. I have one more orientation to do Thursday morning before we head for "The Ridge" Friday morning. It will be good to get set up there and settle in for the summer.
That's about it for now, until the next time, take care and be safe. Feel free to comment if you like.


Monday, March 27, 2017

Okay, Okay....I Missed A Day!

Where Are We Today
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Grove Oklahoma
Last night we kept an eye on the weather fronts, especially the ones 90 miles to the south east as a couple of tornadoes touched down. We still had clear skies with an expected cold front coming in around 11 p.m., which it did, bringing an increase in wind speeds to the 20 MPH mark. Needless to say, we had an uneventful night where we were. Morning brought cloudy skies and still the wind, but being move on day, we were soon packed up and on our way by 10 a. m.
It was an easy drive across I-40 thru Oklahoma City to U.S. 69 N to 412 E which becomes a toll road so we got off part way onto Alternate 412 to U.S.59 N to Grove Ok. Before we left this morning, we had called to book into Eagles Landing for two nights. Arriving at 4 p. m. , it wasn't long before we were set up on site 325 and ready for a good days rest.
We had noticed a few days ago, that, the cargo carrier on the back of the trailer, where we carry our generator and our two folding bikes, was sagging. At one of our pit stops today, it looked even worse. The cargo carrying weight is for 250lbs, and the generator and bikes weighed less than 200 lbs. With all the bouncing up and down on some of these roads, the bar was bending. I made this decision to unload the generator and put it in the back of the truck, leaving the bikes on the cargo carrier. In order to get the generator in the back of the truck, I had to remove the wheel kit so it sat low enough and wouldn't get hit by the trailer hitch. Fifteen minutes later, all was well again and we were on our way.
Well that was our day, so until the next time, take care and be safe. Thanks for your comments.

Bend in the bar

Lashing down the bikes

Generator in the back of the truck

All set to go


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Day Four.....Alright, Enough With the Rhymes

Where Are We Today
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El Reno Lucky Strike Casino
After my post last night, we did get some rain thru most of the night with some wind gusts in the 20 MPH range, nothing to get excited about and slept well.
Most of the day was cloudy with blue skies making an appearance around 4 p.m. I headed into town this morning to fuel up the truck and go to the bank, I also wanted to fill one of our propane bottles, but the place in town was closed today. No problem will get it down the road.

El Reno Casino

When I got back we had a late breakfast and then settled into a relaxing day  of reading. Around 3 p.m. we walked over to the casino to try our luck. After spending $41.00 between us and we each had free $10.00 playing cards, we cashed in and received $66.85, so we took our big winning and had supper in the restaurant at the casino and still have enough left for tomorrow night's supper.
Back to the trailer around 5 p.m. we settled in for the night. Hope you had a good day and until the next time, take care and be safe. 


Beep Beep

Buy for Now


Friday, March 24, 2017

HeHeHe and Today Makes Three

Where Are We Today
El Reno Ok.
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El Reno Ok.
Last night we were in a Texas Travel Center in Amarillo Tx. A nice spot on the east side of Amarillo that allows overnight parking for trucks and RV. There was high wind and rain storm that came thru the west side of Amarillo and the east side caught some of it too.
Picnic area at the Travel Center, Amarillo

 Until ten p.m., we had some gusty winds, up to 50 MPH, then it quieted down, during this time we had pulled in our slides on the windward side of the trailer. Just after one a.m. and about until 2 a.m. the winds picked up again, shifting directions also, so much that I was up to keep watch until they calmed down again. All thru the night I could hear a couple of our solar panels rattling so badly that I thought they might blow right off the roof, fortunately they didn't.

The very back panel, the bolt was gone, not to be found.

The second panel back, the bolt was laying right there.
There were a few of us there for the night

This morning I could see at least two of the bolts that hold the panels in place were missing. Taking a couple from the tilt arms, I climbed onto the roof to replace them. I found one laying right where it fell out but the other one was missing all together, after replacing them, I checked all the others to make sure they were finger tight again, no more rattling.
According to the Weather Network and the staff in the Travel Center, there was a wind and storm warning for today between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. with wind gusts between 60 and 70 MPH for the Amarillo area and less severe to the east. That was all we needed to know, we closed up, lifted the jacks and got out of there. Within in an hour of driving we were into blue skies and mostly a tail wind all the way down the road. Just after 11 a.m. we needed fuel and since we hadn't eaten yet, thought we should get some breakfast. A Flying "J" with a Dennys  happened to be coming up, so in we went.
Us and the truck fed, we headed on down the road to our present location at the Lucky Star Casino in El Reno a little west of Oklahoma City. They have about a dozen sites, first come first served, with full hook ups where you can stay for free for three days, but they do expect you to play some games, we can play a little.

El Reno Casino

Sites right on the edge of the lot

Green open field behind us.

There is some wind here, but gusts up to 35 MPH only and a beautiful day forecast for tomorrow, we can live with that.
Well that's all I have to say today, until the next time take care and be safe.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

What Do You Know - Two In A Row

Where Are We Today
Amarillo Texas
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What Do You Know
Two Days In A Row

Another travel day across I-40 East, our goal today was Amarillo Tx. We headed out at 9:00 a.m. with bright blue skies and light traffic.
We stopped for fuel a couple of times and one rest stop to make lunch. It has been a windy drive with the winds in the 35 MPH range and gusts to 45 MPH, but we held the road well, not like some of the transports going by and drifting a foot or more in the wind.

Rest Stop, stop, to make some lunch

New Mexico scenery

We pulled into the Texas Travel Centre on the east side of Amarillo at 5:30 p.m. Central Time, yes a time zone change. The winds are heavy as I write this at 7:30 p.m. CTZ, there have been heavy storm warnings for west of Amarillo with up to 60 MPH winds, rain lightning and hail possible. We are getting just the winds and hopefully that's all, as they say the storm is tracking north east.
That's about it from me, tomorrow we will track east some more but with a shorter travel day. Until the next time, take care and be safe. 


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Pat Said That I Should Write

Where Are We Today
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Pat Said I Should Write

Yes , it has been some time since I put something on my blog, but if you follow Pat's blog,HERE , you know exactly what we are up to, where we have been, how we are doing, and why. So no point in writing it about it twice, well except for today, just so I write something, it may be close to what Pat writes.

Breathless scenery!

Today is a travel day, leaving Fire Road 688 near the south rim of the Grand Canyon we headed south on AZ. Hwy 64 to I-40 at Williams AZ.  I- 40 East was so ruff from Williams past Flagstaff to mile marker 210, I thought my back teeth were going to fall out.
It was a good day to drive, cruising along at 60 MPH, relaxed with light steady traffic until just before we stopped when we hit 5 miles of construction for about 15 minutes. Finally stopping at Sky City Travel Center and Casino for the night, tucked into a corner where we are away from the trucks and able to open our slides. There is a little wind that will rock us to sleep.

Stopped for fuel at a Flying J, had to set up the pump where you see me standing, then set the nozzle on the ground, turn on the pump and go around to the drivers side and turn on the pump there and pump the fuel. First time for everything.

We are on a slow homeward trek with arrival in Ontario slated for April 1 st., so with time between here and then, we will find a campground to stay in for a few days.
That's about it from me, enjoy the pics, comment if you like and until the next time stay safe.


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Same Place -Short and Sweet

Where Are We Todal
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The Same Place as My Last Post
This afternoon the clouds were starting to break so it was time for a couple of boys to get out their toys for a little play. Lorne Green from " A Place Called Away", click Here to find his blog, has a quad copter also. The two of us got them out to have a little fun and take some pictures. The following is the result. Most of the shots were taken from 400 feet up.

Rockhouse Trail leading back to the Clark Dry Lake Bed at the Base of the Santa Rosa Mts.

That's us 

Coyote Mts.

Looking towards the San Jaunita Mts.

Taking a picture of Lorne's copter with mine

Coyote Mts.

Borrego Springs in the distance to the right

Pat took these two pics of us  taking pics of each other

That's it, short and sweet, until the next time, take care and be safe. Comments welcome.


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Where Are We Today
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To say that we are in the desert near Borrego Springs is a very broad statement. To put it exact, we are in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, settled in Clark Valley between the Santa Rosa and Coyote Mountains at 33.226*N by 116.348* W. If looking on "Google Maps", we are east of Borrego Springs Ca., follow Palm Canyon Rd. to Pegleg Rd. to Borrego- Salton Seaway, this is all one road called State Hwy 22. Where Pegleg Rd. turns into Borrego - Salton Rd you will see Rockhouse Trail to the north, we are a few hundred yards in and off to the right. Now that's about as exact as I can get and maybe more then you want to know, but there is a reason. The reason, it is one of the most beautiful areas that we have been in.
The Santa Rosa are behind us and the Coyote to are left.

I hope that you have been following Pat's blog, find it HERE, to see what we have been doing day to day. This post today, is more about what I see in the scenery. We use a camera to let light images in through an opening in a lens, that record on a digital card for us to look back on. Although, with my very limited picture taking ability and using auto exposure settings, the pictures don't do justice to what those same light images passing through the lens of my eye and travelling the electrical pathways to that location in my brain where I see the image and record it in my memory for hopefully years to come. Of course, the pictures will help to stimulate that memory from time to time. This post is about that scenery, the mountain colours, the green desert and the winding, twisting and turning roads. So , here are some of those pictures.

Clarke Dry Lake Bed at the base of The Santa Rosa Mts.

Santa Rosa Mountains

Coyote Mountains

Greenery on the way to Julian

Different Cactus

Road thru the Yaqui Pass Road

Yaqui Pass

Looking over the Borrego Badlands towards the Salton Sea

I hope you have seen some of the beauty that we have seen and there is much more to see. We will come back to this area again and continue to explore all that it has to offer.
Thanks for following along and feel free to comment, until the next time, take care and be safe.