Canyonlands National Park

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Changing Things Up

Where Are We Today
Quartzsite Arizona

To start this post a  self analogy is in order. I have never been one to buy dirt cheap, but have always wanted to buy the best and biggest I can, to be clear, not the best and biggest that there is. I always keeping in mind the financial side of the purchase.
Now having said that, this post is about how I wanted to make our " Blue Boy" better. When I bought it, I wanted the biggest one that I could get under the above criteria. The reason for that, was that the waste tanks on our 5TH wheel trailer are quite large, 75 gallons for the grey and 50 gallons for the black.  The bigger the " Blue Boy " the less trips to the dump station, thus the 45 gallon ' Blue Boy " that I purchased.

Hose and valve attached

After assembly, we never had a reason to use it until we were in the desert last winter. The first time we used it and headed off down the bumpy road to the dump station, the end cap would vibrate off and we would be scrambling to recap it, before we had  nasty spillage on the road. With a little ingenuity, we found away to keep the cap on for the rest of the time down here.

All coiled up for storage

I have notice this winter, " Blue Boys "with a dump valve on them, ours doesn't have one. My plan was to remove the hoses on ours and attach a dump valve, then hoses, and we would be all set. Low and behold the outlet nipple on our " Blue Boy " is an odd size and no dump valve will fit it. As many of us have down here, we find away to make things work.
I purchased a dump valve that can be attached to the existing hose and fittings that came with our " Blue Boy" and rattle down the road with no fear of spillage. In addition, as many of our fellow RVers have done, I have ordered a macerater, so that when it arrives next week, I can put the " Blue Boy " in the back of the truck and pump the waste into the tank, drive down the road to the dump station and dump.
Many different ways to get water, some use containers, I use a bladder and some bring their rigs. What ever works best for you. 

That was part of day, while Pat was doing the laundry, I purchased the valve. When we got home, I put it all together and will test it out tomorrow.
Today was also a day to top up our fresh water, an easy task, that I took care of this afternoon. Following that it was some reading, snoozing and Happy hour.

Hose from the bladder to the pump and from the pump to the trailer.

Hope you enjoyed your day, as we did, until the next time, take care and be safe.

While I BBQ, Pat takes Clemson for a walk.


Glowing sky

Good night.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

My Point of View

Where Are We Today
Another day in the desert, no projects to speak of, just my point of view on the day.

Sun popping over the mountain

 Not long after 7 a.m. we were both up ready to our day. After some blog reading, I said to Pat that I would go for a walk with her this morning, yes I am feeling alright. So off we went, back to the edge of "The Magic Circle", then headed in a westerly direction towards the front of the LTVA.
We came upon some nice open areas that we will remember for the next time we are here. As we walked we both took pictures of things that interest us, landscape, mountains and cactus.
Pat tying her shoes for a walk

There's the shadow guy waiting for her to catch up.

Looking towards Quartzsite

Love the shape of this old Saguaro Cactus
 After about an hour we were back to our spot with a couple of kilometers on our FITBITS. Breakfast was in order then dishes and a shower for me.
The rest of the day was taken over by laziness, reading and enjoying the bright blue cloudless sky.

There is a birds nest near the top

Clemson spent a good part of the day in his tent, in the shade.
 Happy hour happened at our place, while it was more like 2.5 happy hour, filled with good friends, great conversation and laughter. Cool air was setting in and the sun was making a nose dive for the mountains, so we said our goodbyes as everyone headed for home and start supper.

(Clockwise) George, Pat, Deb, Tom, Len, Brenda and Suzie

End of another day the setting sun said.

That shadow guy looking to east as the sun lights up the mountains.

Meatballs and spaghetti  squash on the BBQ
 Supper tonight was spaghetti, mine cooked inside, Pat's  and the  meatballs, cooked on the BBQ. For dessert, we had rhubarb pie that Pat had made early today.

While I was BBQing, Pat took the little guy for a walk.

Good night from the desert in Quartzsite

After the dishes we both sat to write these words that you so kindly read. Thanks for taking the time to read my point of view, until the next time, take care and be safe. Look forward to reading your comments if you care to leave one.