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Picture was taken in La Posa South (LTVA)near Quartzsite AZ.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Okay, Okay....I Missed A Day!

Where Are We Today
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Grove Oklahoma
Last night we kept an eye on the weather fronts, especially the ones 90 miles to the south east as a couple of tornadoes touched down. We still had clear skies with an expected cold front coming in around 11 p.m., which it did, bringing an increase in wind speeds to the 20 MPH mark. Needless to say, we had an uneventful night where we were. Morning brought cloudy skies and still the wind, but being move on day, we were soon packed up and on our way by 10 a. m.
It was an easy drive across I-40 thru Oklahoma City to U.S. 69 N to 412 E which becomes a toll road so we got off part way onto Alternate 412 to U.S.59 N to Grove Ok. Before we left this morning, we had called to book into Eagles Landing for two nights. Arriving at 4 p. m. , it wasn't long before we were set up on site 325 and ready for a good days rest.
We had noticed a few days ago, that, the cargo carrier on the back of the trailer, where we carry our generator and our two folding bikes, was sagging. At one of our pit stops today, it looked even worse. The cargo carrying weight is for 250lbs, and the generator and bikes weighed less than 200 lbs. With all the bouncing up and down on some of these roads, the bar was bending. I made this decision to unload the generator and put it in the back of the truck, leaving the bikes on the cargo carrier. In order to get the generator in the back of the truck, I had to remove the wheel kit so it sat low enough and wouldn't get hit by the trailer hitch. Fifteen minutes later, all was well again and we were on our way.
Well that was our day, so until the next time, take care and be safe. Thanks for your comments.

Bend in the bar

Lashing down the bikes

Generator in the back of the truck

All set to go


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Day Four.....Alright, Enough With the Rhymes

Where Are We Today
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El Reno Lucky Strike Casino
After my post last night, we did get some rain thru most of the night with some wind gusts in the 20 MPH range, nothing to get excited about and slept well.
Most of the day was cloudy with blue skies making an appearance around 4 p.m. I headed into town this morning to fuel up the truck and go to the bank, I also wanted to fill one of our propane bottles, but the place in town was closed today. No problem will get it down the road.

El Reno Casino

When I got back we had a late breakfast and then settled into a relaxing day  of reading. Around 3 p.m. we walked over to the casino to try our luck. After spending $41.00 between us and we each had free $10.00 playing cards, we cashed in and received $66.85, so we took our big winning and had supper in the restaurant at the casino and still have enough left for tomorrow night's supper.
Back to the trailer around 5 p.m. we settled in for the night. Hope you had a good day and until the next time, take care and be safe. 


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